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Principal Investigator


Lisa Chalik, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
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My research focuses on the abstract theories that children build and rely upon as they navigate the social world. I explore how children learn to organize the people around them into social categories, and how they make inferences about people on the basis of social category membership. I also study the implications of social categorization for moral evaluation. When I'm not working, I can usually be found baking, traveling, or obsessing over my dog, Dobby.




Leetal Winick

My name is Leetal Winick and I'm a junior at Stern College for Women, studying Psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience. I'm so excited to be apart of the Developing Minds lab and gain from this incredible opportunity! A fun fact about me is that I'm obsessed with french fries!

Shira Levy

I am a Junior at Yeshiva University Stern College for Women, studying Psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies. I am looking forward to joining the Developing Minds Lab and exploring how children create social categories and create moral evaluations. My hobbies include knitting, traveling, and slam poetry. 


Estee Lichtenstein

I am currently as senior at Yeshiva University, where I study British Literature, with a focus on Modernism, as well as Psychology. I’m looking forward to joining Dr. Chalik’s lab to explore how children categorize their social environment and infer the moralities of the people surrounding them. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, theater, concerts and getting away from the city occasionally to hike with my dog.


Nina Miller

I’m a senior at Stern, majoring in psychology and hoping to pursue a career in clinical work. I’m looking forward to joining the Developing Minds Lab and contributing to the important research about children’s creation of social categories. A fun fact about me is that I enjoy long car rides, as I find them quite relaxing.


Devora Tuchman

My name is Devora Tuchman and I’m a junior at Stern College for Women where I am majoring in Psychology. I’m really looking forward to joining the Developing Minds Lab and exploring moral development in children. In my free time I love drawing, listening to music and exploring NYC!


Yael Feder

I’m an incoming senior at Stern College for Women double majoring in Psychology and Jewish Studies. I am so excited to join the Developing Minds Lab and contribute to the understanding of how children learn about and categorize people in their environment. Fun fact- I am currently learning how to juggle!


Elisheva Zahtz

I am currently a junior at Yeshiva University, majoring in Psychology and hoping to continue in the field of Clinical Child Psychology! I can’t wait to spend the summer at the Developing Minds Lab learning about the ways children understand people and their relationships! I love reading, writing, and acting, and am almost always singing musicals. 


Rachel Baitch

I’m a rising junior at Stern College for Women with a passion for psychology. I’ve always had a strong curiosity about the world around me, and so I’m thrilled to be part of the team at the Developing Minds Lab. I look forward to investigating the way children develop thoughts and beliefs about those in their environment. An interesting tidbit about myself is that I can recite Shakespeare’s Hamlet soliloquy by heart.


Michal Yacker

I am a senior at Stern College majoring in Psychology and Judaic Studies with a minor in Education. I am looking foreword to joining the Developing Minds Lab and exploring social categorization, child cognitive development, and the relationship of guided reflection on self-image. My hobbies include reading, enjoying fresh air, and figuring out how to play songs on the piano by ear.