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We are always looking for enthusiastic students to help with our research.

Honors Students

Undergraduate students who wish to graduate with honors in Psychology can complete their honors thesis through the lab. Honors students design their own studies in collaboration with Dr. Chalik and conduct these studies themselves. Honors students are expected to fulfill the general lab tasks expected of all undergraduate research assistants, as well as to write a scientific paper that will serve as their senior thesis. If you'd like to do an honors thesis through the lab, contact Dr. Chalik directly.

Research Assistants

Research assistants work on a voluntary or for-credit basis, and get experience with every stage of the research process - study design, stimulus construction, data collection, data analysis, and interpretation. Research assistants are expected to attend a weekly lab meeting and to devote 6-10 hours per week to the lab, including some Sunday hours. If you are interested in joining the lab, either contact Dr. Chalik directly, or fill out the form below.